Small Cigars for Winter


Small cigars have always had mixed reception with aficionados. When it comes to dropping money on nice sticks we tend to buy something that we will define as “worth it.” If Opus X’s came in 33 gauge mini cigars with a price point to match his bigger brothers many cigar aficionados would be weary of purchasing them in lieu of buying bigger ones so they last longer- even if they may enjoy them less.

So even if spending 10$ on a 20 minute smoke is too much for you to handle I am here to bring you a short selection of what I think are good small cigars that you can enjoy in the winter months without wincing- or during any other season for that matter!


But first, why small cigars?


  • If well made they provide just as good taste and mouth feel as a full size cigar: even if you are sacrificing a longer smoke (which could be a positive).
  • Sometimes you may crave a cigar, but sub zero temperatures outside put you off (2hrs in the Canadian winter is not fun). This resolves the problem.
  • Smaller cigars usually have a tighter draw- and I for one prefer them. Your mileage may vary.
  • They are usually cheaper that their big brothers. Handrolled CAO are 10$ for 5, thats $ 2 a stick! (38 gauge “small cigars” series)
  • If you care about social perception then smaller cigars are often seen as less abrasive in public.

My list of small(‘ish) cigars


  • Villiger Maduro
  • Por Larranaga Petit Corona (age before smoking) Cuban
  • Illusione Epernay Le Petit Single Cigar ($6 a stick but worth it)
  • SCDLH El Principe
  • Cohiba Secretos Maduros Cuban
  • Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Cigars
  • Tatuaje Petit Cazadores Reserva
  • R&J Short Churchill’s
  • Tatuaje Verocu No. 5
  • Padron Delicias Maduro
  • Illusione #68 Bombone
  • Partagas Black Label Prontos
  • CAO Maduro Small Cigar
  • CAO Brazilia Cariocas
  • La Flor Dominicana Carajos Natural
  • El Rey Del Mundo Cafe Noir
  • Rocky Patel 1990 Juniors
Many cigar aficionados disregard the smaller brethren due to negative connotations from forums and blogs that smaller cigars are one dimensional and cheap. In this case, inexpensive is not cheap, as I find the tighter draw actually adds to the cigar. I dare anyone to smoke a CAO small Cameroon and suggest it’s only mediocre. As a matter of fact, many reviewers have given it ratings as high as 92. At $2 a stick, is it really even worth waiting to try?

Movember Cigar Raffle


This year around 241,740 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed, and 28,170 men will die from it.

These statistics represent our friends, our neighbors and our family members.


Please share this around in any way you can! (e-mail your friends, put this in your sig on forums- whatever you can do! -its for a good cause.).


Thomas Xavier


/r/cigars and the Leaf and Flame cigar team are gathering the troops to host the biggest cigar raffle in which all proceeds go towards the Movember Campaign. With special donations from Drew Estate, Xikar, and members of both the Reddit Cigar Forum and Leaf and Flame Cigar Forum, we have over $2000 of cigars and accessories that we will be raffling off to support Men’s Health.

A few weeks ago the idea was born to create a raffle to raise funds for The Movember Campaign; a group that grew mustaches for the month of November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues primarily prostate and testicular cancer. Movember focuses on spending the maximum amount of funds on men’s health initiatives and using minimal funds for fundraising and administration. Their total administration cost is 2.1% and fundraising costs are 7.9%.

The majority of the funds collected by Movember are donated to foundations such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 20 and 34, testicular cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer with cure rates nearing 100% if detected early. Most cases of testicular cancer are found by men themselves when doing a self-examination or by accident. It is important to regularly examine your testicles: men who routinely examine themselves become familiar with how their testicles feel; any changes should be checked by a doctor, preferably a urologist. For those unfamiliar with how to perform a self-exam check out MANEXAM, and watch this self-examination video.


TL;DR – We’re having a raffle with over $2000 in prizes and the money goes to a great cause! What kind of prizes you ask?


Grand Prize #1 (Courtesy of Drew Estate)

  • Signed Box of Drew Estate Undercrowns
  • Drew Estate Liga Sampler Box
  • (1) Drew Estate UF 13
  • (1) Drew Estate Ratzilla
  • (1) Drew Estate Velvet Rat
  • Floor Standing Drew Esate Liga Ashtray
  • Drew Estate Shirt Package

Grand Prize #2 (Courtesy of Drew Estate)

  • (10) Subculture Studios 5×60 MUWAT
  • (10) Subculture Studios 6×60 MUWAT
  • (10) Subculture Studios 7×60 MUWAT
  • (10) Subculture Studios +11 MUWAT
  • Drew Estate ACID Toast Box
  • Drew Estate Liga Stinky Ashtray
  • Drew Estate Shirt Package

Grand Prize #3 (Courtesy of Xikar)

  • Xikar Gunmetal Escalade Dual Flame Lighter
  • Xikar 10 Count Travel Humidor
  • Xikar Xi1 Titanium Cutter
  • (1) Drew Estate Velvet Rat*
  • (2) Drew Estate Feral Flying Pigs*
  • (3) Drew Estate Undercrown Corona Vivas*
  • (2) Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojos*
  • (2) Subculture Studios 5×65 MUWAT**Donated by L&F Members

The Leaf and Flame Special I

  • (2) 2012 Tatuaje Halloween Release – The Mummy
  • (1) 2011 Tatuaje Halloween Release – The Wolfman
  • (1) 2012 Tatuaje TAA Release
  • (1) Tatuaje Mini Mum
  • (2) Santiago Cigar Factory Cigars
  • (2) Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne
  • (1) Cigar Factory New Orleans Tres Hermanos Tres
  • (1) Custom Engraved Leaf and Flame Mug
  • 1 Year Leaf and Flame VIP Club Membership

The Leaf and Flame Special II

  • (1) 2012 Viaje Satori
  • (1) Padron 1926 No. 1 Maduro
  • (1) Padron 1926 No. 2
  • (1) Davidoff Aniversario No. 3
  • (1) Illusione Epernay
  • (1) Corona Culebra Candela
  • (1) Cutter Courtesy of Corona Cigar Co.
  • (1) Custom Engraved Leaf and Flame Mug
  • 6 Months Leaf and Flame VIP Club Membership

The Leaf and Flame Special III

  • (2) Flor de Ybor Sungrowns
  • (1) Fighting Cock Churchill
  • (3) La Gloria Cubana Obelisco
  • (1) Ruination Corona
  • (1) Asylum
  • (1) Torcido Robusto
  • 3 Months Leaf and Flame VIP Club Membership

The TurnerJ5/Savinelli Special

  • (1) Wooden Humidor
  • (20) Savinelli Cigars


  • (1) Opus X Maduro
  • (1) Opus X Lost City Robusto
  • (1) Casa Fuente Double Robusto
  • (3) Arturo Fuente Short Story Natural
  • (1) Diamond Crown


  1. Create an account at Leaf and Flame with a valid email so we can alert you if you win. We will not spam you! We hate spam!
  2. To purchase raffle entries, visit:
  3. Click the ‘DONATE TO TEAM’ box under the team logo at the Movember team page. BEFORE DONATING: ADD A MESSAGE UNDER THE DONATION AMOUNT BOX WITH YOUR LEAF AND FLAME USERNAME SO WE CAN VALIDATE YOU. DO NOT SUBMIT ANONYMOUSLY OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE FORFEITED.International Donors: If you are donating via Credit/Debit Card enter as much of your zip code as it lets you, and it will process your donation.
  4. Choose your donation amount*:

A donation of $3 = 1 entry

A donation of $5 = 2 entries

A donation of $10 = 5 entries

A donation of $20 = 12 entries

A donation of $50 = 35 entries

A donation of $100 = 80 entries

There is special pricing for L&F Club members; please check in the L&F Club subforum for details. For more information regarding L&F Club Membership click here.

You are all done! On December 5th, 2012 we will have a raffle drawing and the winners will be announced and contacted! If you want, you can come back at a later date to purchase more entries! The deadline to buy entries is December 3rd at 12:00am EST.

International entries are allowed. Shipping is included, but you are responsible for any duties or taxes imposed on your winnings.

Participants can only win one prize package, with the exception of the Fuente Package which is given to the highest overall donor for the month and doesn’t exclude the participant from winning another prize.

You must be of the legal age in your location to purchase tobacco products to enter.

All donations are handled by Movember and Sons.

Perdomo Nick’s Sticks Connecticut Review


Perdomo Nick’s Sticks Connecticut


Vitola: Toro

Appearance: 7/10 Very nice construction, especially when it came to the filler- impressively uniform. Don’t like the (childish) band.

Draw: 7/10 Very clean, Classic Perdomo feel- not exceptional but very nice.

Burn: 5/10 Eek. Major tunneling on the 2nd third. Prior to that it was perfect. After fixing, it was fine, but I did lose my patience somewhat which sobered my enjoyment of the stick for the rest of the cigar.

Profile: Very mild. Great as an introduction for new cigar smokers. Started off with very light touches of grass and hay, and grew into a very pleasant sweet cream with a (very slight) aftertaste of Irish cream liqueur.


Conclusion: The tunneling bothered me since it was the second cigar this week that gave me a problem (causing me to rush to my humidor to make sure everything was okay). After re-calibrating, the humidor was still dead on 67, so tunneling was not caused by my humidor.  However, as with the CAO Mx2 I do not believe this feature to be characteristic of the cigar, so bare that in mind.

If you like very mild cigars with a very slight twist then I would certainly recommend this stick. It reminds me of a grown up Bahia Blu in the sense that the taste does not barge in and demand attention but rather delicately knocks. The tobacco used was obviously of decent quality and offered a slightly different profile to the usual “light grass and hay” one usually finds with basic mild cigars.

While I prefer more dominant flavors I am comfortable in saying this is a good, solid cigar for a mild one. It is perfect for those who shy away from brutish maduro’s and who would enjoy an inexpensive everyday stick.


Final score: 6.5/10 


CAO Mx2 Box-Press Cigar Review


CAO Mx2 Box-Press Cigar


Vitola: 5.5 x 55

Appearance: 7.5/10 Very nice construction out of box. The wrapper had an oily sheen and a very nice deep chocolate color. Almost felt like biting into it! As I hit mid 2nd the cap became loose, but it never created any issues so the fault was only superficial. Also features a very sexy and quite unique double band.

Draw: 7/10 No real complaints, I prefer a tighter draw but that’s only my preference. Was more than acceptable.

Burn: 6.5/10 I did have problems with this one. I was forced to relight it twice and it did slightly tunnel around the 2nd third. However, the last third was sublime.

Profile: Pepper, Butterscotch, Caramel Popcorn, Cocoa, Cinnamon and a very distinct aftertaste of aniseed- reminded me of the spirit “Ouzo” somewhat. Very pleasant.


Conclusion: I had high expectations for this stick. As I took it out of the cellophane wrapper, the band and general demeanor screamed quality, and that’s kinda the problem: my expectations were too high. Nonetheless, whilst the draw was a little loose for my taste and the first third was average, the CAO Mx2 redeemed itself in the last third. I thoroughly enjoyed it until it became too hot to handle.

I can’t in all honesty say that it was a incredible cigar, but I would not dismiss it entirely either. For the price, it provides an interesting flavor profile and a unique vitola. I don’t think anyone would regret giving it a shot!


Final score: 7.5/10